Ugly pilaf

This is not a pretty dish. It looks kind of like concrete. I suppose if the plate had some sprigs of greens and some tasty roasted butternut squash chunks it wouldn't look so bad. That said, this is one tasty, satisfying, super quick, one pot, gluten -free, fat free, vegan dish. Did I mention high in protein, iron and various minerals?


1/2 c. quinoa

1/2 c. french lentils

bit of sea salt


Rinse quinoa and put it in a heavy pot. Examine and rinse lentils and add them to the pot. Add two and a 1/2 c. water and bring to a boil. Simmer for twenty minutes. Do keep an eye on the amount of water and add some if needed. Test for doneness at 20 minutes. Some lentils need to cook longer. Sprinkle with sea salt and be surprised by the earthy tastiness.